6/13/18 Meeting Recap:

The all-volunteer PWC Dogs team met on June 13 to discuss various topics. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at Wegman’s (14801 Dining Way, Woodbridge). To join our Facebook group go to our page and the
After several years of fundraising, PWC Dogs original plan was, with the pre-approval of PWC Parks & Rec., to lay crushed granite on both sides of the dog park. However, after being advised by Parks and Rec. that now-required water runoff studies needed to take place first, and would be cost prohibitive, we decided on mulch to cover some of the dirt areas.

News & Notes, Future To Do’s, & Events:
- Complete the spreading of the mulch on Sunday, July 8 at 8:00 a.m. Volunteers Needed! Bring your gloves, rakes, and wheelbarrows!

- Know any businesses that would like to advertise in the dog park? Banners are 3x5, cost $300.00 per year, and can be ordered on the PWC Dogs website at http://www.pwcdogs.com/banner.html. It’s a great way to support the dog park and advertise your business!

- Banners to educate that PWC Dogs is an ALL-VOLUNTEER group. Maintenance and improvements are provided solely by donations.

- VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We desperately need volunteers to join our team and assist with fundraising, marketing, and park upkeep (such as mowing, and twice yearly park clean-ups).

- Monthly Subscriptions! It’s an easy way to support your local dog park!

- GRAND RE-OPENING!!: Tentative date is Sunday, August 4. Details to be provided soon!

- Purchase of agility equipment in July/August.

- Purchase of a shed and lawnmower. The lawnmower will be kept in the combination-locked shed (outside of the fenced in area). We’ll be soliciting for volunteers to mow inside the dog park every two weeks.

- New trash cans.

- No smoking signs.

- Toy box for balls, Frisbee’s, and other toys.

- Air horns for dog fights. Other dog parks use these with success so we’ll be purchasing air horns to be affixed (and will not be able to be removed) to the fencing inside the park. If/when a dog fight erupts you’ll use the horn to stop the fight.

- PVC bag holders: We’re looking in to using donated grocery bags in lieu of the purchased poop bags to save money.

- Port-A-John rental. We’re considering rental of a portable toilet but will need to incur more donations to afford it.


Hi all - Here's the meeting recap from Wednesday's meeting: 

Grand reopening 
• Jessica to confirm with Dave’s Dogs. 
• Amy Nutter to do baked goods for sale. Need more. 
• Debbie for pup muffins. 
• Cindy to send invite to vendors (Dog-related only). 
• Dominique to get new trash cans. 
• Trifold Flyer (8x11) – Jessica to design and then email to Brenda to get printed on color paper.
• Attendees for Grand-reopening 
o Karen, Jessica, Sharon, Dominique, Debbie, Amy & son, Steve, Cindy, Chris 
• T-shirts – Do we want to design one, buy a certain quantity, and giveaway with a donation. 
• Jessica to make No Smoking signs. 
• Jessica to make a decal to go over rules to add No baby strollers and bikes. 
• Mailboxes for holding recyclable grocery bags. 
• Look if I have dog park rules flyers. 
• Put out other material for park goers. 
• Postcards 
• Ask for volunteers for mowing – weekly. 
• Kiddie pools for the dog park. 
• Dominique to get trash cans and to be installed on July 29. 
• Air horns to be installed by July 29.ype your paragraph here.

Type your paragraph here.


PWC Dogs supporting K9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park Needs You!!

Did you know that PWC Dogs is actually a small group of volunteer dog-loving county citizens?
Did you know that all dog park maintenance is done by volunteers?
Did you know that all dog park improvements are provided solely by donations and volunteers? ...
If you can spare some time, please attend our monthly meetings and get involved.
If you'd like to learn more please email us at info@pwcdogs.com.

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